Dancing Makes You Feel Happy!

I have just come back from teaching Tina and Dave the waltz. They both have regular weekly private lessons together with me and at the start of tonight’s session, they both said what a terrible day they have had, it was full of anxiety and such a rush for them to come to their lesson tonight. I suggested that before they start their session with me that they take a deep breath and let go of anything that is worrying them and be present in their 1 hour session with me. They both agreed to do this and to enjoy their session with me. As a result they were totally focused on what I was teaching them and the session involved lots of laughter, I could also tell they were having a lot of fun with each other as a couple.

At the end of the session I asked them how they were and if they have managed to let go of the stress and anxiety that they had when they walked through the door. They both laughed and looked at each other and said; ‘yes we feel so much better’. They both agreed that when they are together learning to dance they feel connected to each other and have not thought about anything other than learning the waltz. They said that on the way home they don’t talk about anything other than their dance session, how great they feel and what they have learned.

I then had a thought and asked them; ‘how can I communicate this to other people?’ Particularly to people who are too busy, too anxious, have had a stressful day, nervous etc or feel they can think of other things better to do for the evening or for an hour out of their life?

There has been a lot of research that dance has lots of health benefits both mentally and physically. I feel that for me it certainly helps with my aging process, mentally after a class I feel excited, have a renewed enthusiasm, let go of any problems and still think I am 25 years old. Physically, when I dance my body just acknowledges this and any pains in my body disappear and it feels like I go into a mode of acceptance of me and my body no matter of my opinions outside of my dance classes.

So when you are thinking of coming to a dance class and faced with all the barriers that stop you from taking that first step, just remind yourself that dance will make you feel good, alleviate your stress, make you feel younger physically and mentally and make you feel happy!

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