Is There Such a Thing as 2 Left Feet or Can Anybody Dance?

Dance is Fundamental in Life

Is There Such a Thing as 2 Left Feet?

If you are or know anybody who says ‘I can’t dance, I have no rhythm  or that favourite saying of having 2 left feet’ Then I would challenge you to think differently.  My view is that if you can walk you can dance.  Dancing is a series of forwards, backward walks, side walks, jumps, hops, skips etc, all put together either as a repetitive sequence or randomly.  The body surrenders to the movements allowing it to move in time to the beat of music playing.

It is so true that since people have walked, people have danced. Human beings are born to dance – we have dancing in our genes, which means you do too. The urge to dance – and to watch others dance – is deeply rooted in all of us.

You only have to go back to the start of our existence to see that dance is as old as people’s existence on Earth, and arguably before – like we see many animal species ‘dancing’ – bobbing, swaying, nodding, jumping, soaring, moving and shaping, in response to the rhythms of nature – the wind in the trees – the ebb of the tide – the fall of the rain

Dancing is deeply embedded within us all. To put it into perspective… If the origins of humankind first appeared in Africa, then dancing first happened in Africa too, and this was at least 150,000 years ago. If instead the emergence of humankind is considered to be at least six million years ago, when humans separated from apes.. then we have been dancing for six million years. For those who believe that humankind was created with the world itself, then this is 14 billion years ago, and we have been dancing for 14 billion years.

So in answer to my initial question of can everybody dance?  The answer is a big fat Yes. Wherever there is humanity, there will be dance and dancers dancing. Happy dancing!

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