Private Dance Lessons or Group Classes?

***Private Dance Lessons or Group Classes***

Private lessons Vs group sessions?

Are you going on a cruise and want to be able to get up and dance rather than sitting down all night just watching?

Does your partner like dancing but you think you have 2 left feet?

Would you like to learn a new dance style but don’t want to join a group?

You can’t find a group dance class that offer what you want?

Does any of this sound familiar? We get many enquiries for private lessons – they are a great way for you to improve your dancing quickly and help give you the confidence you need to be at your best on the dance floor. You can be any level of dancer to enjoy and benefit from the lessons and you will receive one-to-one coaching which focuses on exactly what you want to improve. They are very tailor made for your needs.

Private lessons are typically held during the daytime, evenings and weekends at our studio on Witham, but also can be taught in your own home if you prefer – as long as you have a decent sized space! Contact us to book your first session on 07867 788935

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