Why Belly Dance? Is it a Holistic Dance Workout or Just a Dance Class?

I have often thought about why belly dance appeals to so many people, the majority being ladies of all ages so I decided to put down my thoughts in this blog. The question is whether it is a holistic dance workout or just a dance and fitness class?

A Holistic Workout

Belly dance not only works the body but also an holistic work-out that requires a strong technique to execute the moves. Because belly dance is based around isolating different parts of the body, dancers have to consciously connect mind and body simultaneously. It is really important to focus on the area of the body that is being moved and also to think about breathing and how this affects the moves being performed.

Strengthens the Abdomen Muscles

A great reason to belly dance is the strength it builds in the abdomen. In order to implement the dance moves, there is also the importance of focusing on engaging the abdominal muscles throughout the whole session. It engages, strengthens and defines the stomach muscles which are sometimes an area of the body that can be neglected the older we get.

Builds Strength, Flexibility and a Great Cardio Workout

Belly dancing works every muscle in the body and unlike working out in the gym with weights, the only resistance is the own body which requires significant body control. Each muscle is worked out often in isolation requiring flexibility, strength and body control. When performing the dance routines, there is a continuous flow of belly dance moves danced in a specific order which develops the brain to remember. Over time the capacity to remember increases and eventually when performed numerous times become muscle memory defined as ‘the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement’ Classes run for up to an hour so it is a full low impact aerobic workout too!

It’s Fun and Engaging

Our classes are lots of fun! From the minute you walk through the door you will feel welcomed. They start with a warm up and teaching some simple belly dance moves. You will then be taught a fun dance routine to a track that will stay in your head until you sleep. The more often you come along to our classes, you will build up a repertoire of belly dance routines that you will enjoy. We encourage you to dress belly dance style to how you want to and of course the belly dance belt is an essential, which we can supply whilst you get started. The more you jingle the better you will enjoy your workout! So the verdict to my original question of whether it is a holistic dance work out or just another dance class is for me certainly a full holistic workout working mind body and soul and a dance class that requires a focus on technique, strength, flexibility and stamina.

Fancy Coming Along to a Class?

Fancy learning to belly dance? Our Belly dance classes are held at the following places:- Tuesdays at the Darby and Joan Small Hall, Finkle Street, Cottingham at 10.15-11.15am or Wednesdays at our studio – City Limits Club, 23 Witham, Hull at 7.15-8.15pm

If you would like a class or 2-hour pop up workshop to held near you then please get in touch. We can bring our workshops to you. All you need to do is invite a few of your friends and if we have enough interest, we will organise either an exclusive session for just you and friends or an open workshop or class in your area. Contact Jill on 07867 788935, e mail jill@dance-dynamic or visit www.dance-dynamic.co.uk

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