Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is the most beautiful and satisfying dance experience with its own distinctive rhythm. The man holds the woman closely, they mirror and complement each other’s movements; each step is danced with restrained desire, precision and sensuality. They move around each other like two magnets responding to the energy of the attraction, exploring the possibilities of their connection. A wonderful way to reconnect and reignite the excitement of your couple relationship is to embrace the passion of the Argentine Tango.

Solo Argentine Tango

Whilst Argentine Tango is normally danced by couples, this class as been adapted for the lady to dance solo. The movements are still danced with precision and sensuality whilst pretending in partners hold.  It works on balance, strength and flexibility also being a great core workout too.


You will be introduced to bar and floor exercises and to the many beautiful steps and movements in Ballet. Mastering Ballet techniques will boost your confidence and fitness in multiple ways, giving you a basic foundation for all dance movement.

Ballet will support you to create good health by stretching and releasing tight muscles, by improving back strength and posture and creating whole body stability. As you become familiar with each technique, practice becomes easier and you will create a strong core.

There is an incredible intelligence in the way that Ballet strengthens and tones, enabling you to move with grace and control.


Burlesque is the dance of the fascinating woman. In the choreography of Burlesque you will explore the art of the tease-artiste, learn how to peel a glove or strip a stocking, how to use chairs and fans as props to create a performance full of glamour, mystery and allure.

This dance of the enchantress, showcases the strength, grace, beauty and sex appeal of every women, of every age, of every shape and size. There is no ‘too…’ anything.

You will learn what to wear, how to style your unique self and you will feel the excitement of dancing in sky-high heels for the first time.


Recreate the fun and glamour of this cheeky, flirtatious dance, full of humor and self-expression. The Charleston music is a fast 4 by 4 time.

You will learn how to dance to its syncopated rhythms with the classic swiveling feet, the flicks and kicks and the famous arm-flapping walk that gave rise to the Flapper Girls. Flapper Girls were banned from many dance halls during the ragtime jazz craze in the 1920s for their outrageous behaviour rolling the down their stockings and tucking up their skirts to dance.

The Charleston is usually done with large, loose motions. The more outrageous and exuberant the better.

Northern Soul Inspired

Northern Soul was born and bred in Northern England and the Midlands. It is based on rare or obscure soul music singles, inspired by the Motown, Chicago and New York sounds of the 1960.

With its fast tempos and simple 4-4 beat Northern Soul music demands you get up and move. The dance itself is more about your energy and enthusiasm than strict technique.

The steps are easy to pick up, you go on to learn some amazing moves and spins, the iconic side-to-side glide and some flourishes like the Mashed Potato and the Monkey and you can improvise to the rhythm of the music

Ballroom and Latin American

It is never too late to step under that glitter ball and discover the hidden delights of Ballroom and Latin American dance. The Waltz or the Foxtrot have simple steps for those who want to start with a smooth whirl around the ballroom.

If you prefer something with more steps and more pizazz there are the Latin dances. Our Beginners Ballroom classes teach the Waltz, the Foxtrot, the Quickstep, the Jive, the Samba, the Rumba, the Paso Doble, the Tango & the Cha Cha Cha.

Originating in Cuba the Cha Cha Cha is a style of Latin American dancing combining the mambo and American swing. It is fascinating to discover the subtleties and nuances in all the different dances.

Once you have mastered a range of Ballroom dances you will feel confident on the dance floor at any event and with any partner.


Salsa is saucy, sexy and full of Latin romance. There is nothing formal about Salsa, you enter into a series of flirtatious, playful exchanges with your partner, spinning into high energy sensuality.

Originally based on traditional Afro-Cuban folk dance, the Cha Cha Cha and the Mambo, you will learn to do the basic steps, the locks, embraces and cross body turns, the leading and following moves and discover some fun improvisations and embellishments. Salsa dancing is an amazing whole body workout that will get your feet moving and your heart pumping.

It’s an excellent way to engage and connect with people – your Salsa dance will certainly breaks the ice at parties!

Can Can

In Victorian times, women showed very little flesh, they were fully buttoned up wearing long dresses to the floor. The idea of showing an ankle, never mind raising a skirt or shaking a leg in the air, was scandalous and of course everyone loved it.

The popularity of the dance spread like wildfire from the Parisian music halls to the entire world. There was a frenzy of excitement as a chorus line of women emerged on stage, performing high kicks in perfect unison, dozens of black stockinged legs emerging from a froth of white petticoats.

Learning the Can Can fills you with excited energy. It involves coordination, timing, stamina and a sense of theatricality as you ruffle your skirt, high kick and point your toes with poise.


Flamenco is a storytelling dance, fiery, intense, and designed to convey emotion. You will be taught to express the passion of the music with accented movements marking the beat, with dramatic footwork, heel taps, urgent stamps and handclaps, each expressing longing or desire as you respond to the rhythm in harmony with the music.

Flamenco is a cocktail of Spanish Andalusian, Moorish and Gipsy dances. You will learn how to move your arms, wrists and hands delicately, how to bend your knees and hold your head high, how to twist at the waist and turn with fine control.

You will learn to feel your way into the music, using strength and control to create each move and posture, sculpting the air with your body.

70’s Disco

Have you ever danced the Mashed Potato or The Funky Chicken? Do you slide onto the dance floor on the opening chords of ‘I Will Survive’?

Then pull on your spandex hot pants and platform heels and come and learn some fabulous retro moves like the ‘the statue of liberty’, ‘the hustle’ and ‘the bus stop’.

As you learn to strut your stuff to 70’s disco and soul hits, from Kung Fu Fighting, to YMCA, Join the Navy and Car Wash, you will master iconic poses, kicks, rock steps and moves borrowed from Swing and Latin.

Belly Dance

Come and teach your body the language of Belly Dance! It is an expressive Arabic dance which originated in Egypt. You will be taught to keep one part of your body still, while another part moves, this is muscle isolation.

By learning more and more muscle control, you will begin to dance with fluidity and graceful femininity. In each class you will learn the key movements and techniques of the Belly Dance like the ‘camel’.

As you circle your hips, roll your belly and shimmy your shoulders, you will discover muscles you never knew you had. You will feel more at home in your skin, as you dance to the insistent beat, creating a shapelier body and a new found grace and harmony.


Bollywood dance is based on the high energy dance routines of the Bollywood movies. It is Indian dance blended with Western pop music and Broadway musicals.

It is a vibrant, entertaining dance that is totally suited to beginners. The classes bring together a variety of ancient Indian dance styles, Bhangra and Bollywood modern dance fusions.

You will learn the Bollywood bounce or ‘chicken step’, the ‘woof-woof’ and ‘lightbulb’ hand expressions, the side-to-side neck movement and the forward-and-back slide, known as ‘pigeon head’.

Bollywood teaches you some outrageous, funny and joyful moves and as you dance you give your whole body the most amazing workout.