Workplace Dance

Happy staff, happy company!

Perfect for a health and well-being week or a bit of teambuilding fun!

Here’s how dancing has a positive impact on workplaces:

  • Promotes social interaction, relationships and team-building as a result of everybody working towards a common goal
  • Removes barriers between people and teams. Dance helps people get to know each other in a fun and non-threatening manner, and so helps remove professional barriers between team members and seniority roles
  • Has an impact on individual and collective mood improvement – helping increase people’s happiness.
  • Positive impact on individual and group health and fitness – mind, body and soul.

When we dance with others there are  substantial benefits for the workplace:

  • Dance creates equality and helps people relate to each other as equals and fellow humans.
  • Dance promotes conflict diffusion.
  • Dance encourages communication.
  • Dancing together inspires mutual respect and awareness.

When we dance our motivation increases, our bodies produce positive ‘feel-good’ energising chemicals and generate particularly strong emotional feelings. Motivation is vital for being productive and cooperative in work situations. Dancing makes us more alert, more creative, and more driven to succeed or to overcome challenges. Employees become healthier and fitter, which helps performance, and reduces absenteeism.

We offer team building sessions, lunchtime or after work regular sessions, sessions for healthy workplace events and just to treat your employees to a fun, let your hair down session.

You can choose from lots of different dance styles such as…

  • Ballroom/Latin
  • Hula Hooping
  • Powershiyoga
  • Salsa
  • Belly dance
  • Northern Soul
  • Street dance
  • 70s Disco
  • Zumba
  • and many more….

In an age of incredible technology and gadgetry, online social networking, fast-food, fast pressurised lifestyles, fashion, celebrity culture, materialism and artificial constructs, dancing offers some of the simplest easiest ways to feel good – that money simply cannot buy.

Get in touch to discuss how we can bring dance into your workplace.

Session Prices

Half Day Session

Half Day (up to 2.5 hours): £130

Full Day Session

Full Day (up to 5 hours): £230

Hourly Session

Hourly Session: £75

“Dancing in the workplace improves physical and mental health and well being, which in turn boosts personal and team productivity. When people feel good and better about themselves, absenteeism is reduced and people generally work better too”